Champlain Plastics


100,000 square foot facility
In Rouses Point, New York

Champlain Plastics Inc. is a manufacturer of plastic products using specialized injection, extrusion and blow molding processes to provide innovative, high-quality products with high volumes of production.

• 20 injection molding machines from 100 tons to 1450 tons
• Robotic quality control
• 8 Loading doors; 1 Drive-in-door
• 4 Overhead cranes (2 x 3T - 2 x 10T)
• 8 silos for raw materials
• Railway / rail car

  • FiltraPodz

    Watch FiltraPodz in action


    Best filtration medium on the market!

    ACM124S + ACM123 Assembly

    Build the perfect ladder/step combination

    ACM101AS Assembly

    Build the perfect A-Frame ladder


    with built-in lithium battery

    Having touble pairing your remote?

    Watch our How-to video

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Troubleshooting Tips for Lights and Remote Controls:

LIGHTS (ACM-197/ACM-197C; ACM-125/ACM-125C; ACM-198C):
• Test Decorative LED Lights, before installing in pool, by plugging into transformer and pairing the remote (if applicable). If everything connects and the lights are working, unplug from transformer and install in pool. (Remote will have to be paired again).

• New "AAA" batteries are much more efficient.
• To pair the remote: point the top of the remote (the color ring) towards the LED light, not the transformer.
• It may take 3 or 4 tries before the pairing is successful. You will have to unplug the unit from the transformer and replug it each time in order to "reset" the unit in order to have a successful pairing.

More than a hundred years of History!

Canadian Buttons, Ltd. began in the 1900's carving and drilling celluloid buttons in a factory on St. Catherine street. Over the decades, Canadian Buttons evolved from buttons for fur coats, plastic items needed for the war effort, to hangers as Canadian Plastics, Inc.
Today, under Champlain Plastics, Inc., pool accessories as well as other compression, injection, extrusion, or blow molded parts/products are being produced and sold to pool and spa retailers, builders, distributors, and mass merchandisers in 23 countries around the world including the U.S., Canada and Europe.
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Injection Molding

Extrusion Molding

Blow Molding

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    Pool Accessories

    Specialty Products

    Specialty Products